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Events 18/07/2014 - The penultimate Street Challenge is at Park Campus, Cheltenham, on Thursday 7 August. Only 2 events left now to collect more scoring runs, or better some of your less successful ones.
- Then a week or so later we are at Elton Farm maize mazes again for a second running of our maze sprint. The maze theme this year is ‘Flight’, and at our request the designers have added more connections between the various mazes, to increase route choice and navigational challenge. As well as running several courses in the mazes, there is plenty to do at Elton Farm. There is a separate adventure maze, a cafe, and lots of games to play between runs, so make a point of coming on 16 August to what proved last year to be a great day out.
- In September we are hosting the South West Championships, the Caddihoe Chase and the Veterans Home International. We have a new website dedicated to this event, which you can find here, or under the Fixtures option in the main menu on any page of this website.Please note the dates in your diary now – 13/14 September – as all club members will be required to help out over the 2 days of competition.
Other 07/07/2014 We are currently working on the 2015 fixtures list, building on plans already laid for the first half of the year. We have an informally appointed fixtures sub-committee working on this, and they would be pleased to hear from anyone who has any ideas and thoughts on next year’s programme. We have already agreed a number of developments, which we will publicise shortly here and in Legend, but we welcome input from club members on what is our most important activity – scheduling a successful event programme. Please email Fixtures@ngoc.org.uk with any thoughts you may have.

Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure activity in which competitors run, jog, or simply walk around a course using a map and sometimes a compass in order to navigate between control points. It provides both physical and mental challenges for all, from small children and families, to runners and adventure racers, and to older people looking for exercise and mental stimulation in the fresh air.

North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club holds 20-30 events each year in Cheltenham and Gloucester, the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean. We provide courses for novices and experts, 10 year olds and 70 year olds, runners and walkers; you can choose a course as long and as navigationally challenging as you wish, and can be as competitive as you would like to be. Everyone is welcome to try the sport at one of our events, and help is always available for newcomers. You do not need to be a member, there is no need to pre-book, and the entry fees are modest.

We have over 100 members, and although the club is based in Gloucestershire, we also attract members from the fringes of neighbouring counties.

If you would like to read more about orienteering, visit our Getting Started page, or go to the British Orienteering website, which has a wealth of information about this exciting sport.

For more details about the club, contact our membership secretary, Simon Denman.