NYD Score

Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sun 1st Jan
NYD Score

SO 5969313846
GL16 7HA

SO 5969313846
GL16 7HA
Gary Wakerley


The 2017 New Year’s Day event will take place at Ninewells, which is just off the B4136 near Edge End. Parking is along forest tracks, with assembly situated on the old picnic area. Car parking is restricted, so car sharing is advised.

This year we will be trialling a smartphone orienteering course, in parallel with the normal score course. Both courses use the same controls, and you can do either the traditional score course using SI punching, or the smartphone course, using your phone as your timing device, or you can do both concurrently. For more information on the smartphone option, please read the instructions below.

The Area

The usual Forest of Dean mix of coniferous and deciduous woodland, with extensive tracks, not all mapped. Runability is generally good, though there are areas of brambles and brashings. It is bounded on one side by the B4136, which is marked out of bounds

The Map

The map is printed at 1:10,000, printed on waterproof paper, and double sided. Odd numbered controls are printed on one side, together with their descriptions, and Even on the other.

The Event

The event is a one hour score event. Each control is worth 10 points. You may turn the map over and switch between even and odd numbered controls as often as you like.

Please note that control descriptions, both loose and on the map, will show the smartphone code for each control, and not the points score for the control.


Registration will be from 1030 to shortly before 1130.
There will be a mass start at 11:30. Both Start and Finish are close to Assembly. (Please note timing change, to accommodate any runners coming from the nearby park run)


Seniors: £5 Juniors: £2 SI Hire: Seniors, £1, Juniors free. Lost SI charge £35.00.

Fees are the same regardless of which option you choose to take – SI, smartphone, or both


The B4136 is out of bounds, route choice involves an unmanned crossing of a minor road, within a housing estate.  

All competitors take part at their own risk. A whistle is compulsory for juniors and advised for seniors.

Smartphone Orienteering

We are looking at installing smartphone orienteering technology on our permanent courses, and the purpose of this trial is to see how well it works, and assess whether there is any interest in this kind of technology for other events as well.

We are using the iOrienteering.com app for this event. A QR code will be displayed at the Start and Finish, and at each control. You simply ‘read’ a setup code at registration, which sets up the course for you, and then you use the app to read the start code, each control you visit, and the finish code. On completing the course, you can view your results on your phone, and if you have a signal you can upload your results to the iOrienteering website, where you can compare them with other competitors. The app does not include a map – you will still need to navigate using the traditional paper map.

The iOrienteering results are separate from the standard SI results, but we will look at ways of merging them in due course. If you wish to see how you got on compared to the SI runners, you need to punch the controls in the normal way with your SI dibber, as well as using the smartphone option.

If you fancy having a go at this, and we are keen for as many people as possible to give it a try, and let us know what they think, you need to set yourselves up as follows:

  1. Visit iOrienteering.com, familiarise yourself with the system, and download the app to your phone.
  2. Let us know that you plan to try this option, by clicking here and just giving us your name. This is purely to help us gauge the level of interest in this option. It does not preclude you using the normal SI punching system, nor does it commit you to turning up, or to using the smartphone app.