League 7 – 24/09/16 – Minchinhampton

Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sat 24 Sept
League 7
Minchinhampton and Rodborough Common


Caroline Craig
01242 528326

Travel Directions

Click on the icons in the table above for detailed locations and route finders. Parking is on the old football pitch, close to the main road running North to South across Rodborough Common. It is accessed by turning into the track to the West, slightly North of the housing estate. Please drive carefully as cows frequently stray into the road.

The Area

Rodborough and Minchinhampton Commons are predominantly open, with a flat area on top of the hill and increasingly steep sides towards the bottom. There are many thickets, knolls, depressions and other contour detail. Rodborough Common (where the Yellow and Orange course remain) contains many paths, both distinct and indistinct. There is little undergrowth, thanks to the grazing cows. A number of roads criss-cross the area and while the Yellow and Orange courses avoid them, unfortunately both Green and Blue courses have several road crossings (see Safety section below). There are also some forested areas which are visited by the Green and Blue courses. These are generally very runnable inside, though steep, but in places (as mapped) there is a thin strip of brambles making entry more difficult.

The commons are open to the public and very popular, particularly with walkers, dog walkers and runners. Please respect other users.

The Map

1:10,000, printed on waterproof paper, with control descriptions on the map and available loose at registration. Based on the 2005 survey, with many selective updates as required for each event since. As noted, there are a large number of indistinct paths and it is sometimes difficult to know whether such a path is significant enough to be mapped – this should be borne in mind. Equally, there are a large number of thickets and not all of these appear on the map.


The usual courses will be available:

  • Yellow: 2.3km 40m climb 14 controls
  • Orange 2.8km 70m climb 12 controls
  • Green 4.6km 180m climb 14 controls
  • Blue 7.0km 260m climb 18 controls

Start and Finish are both close to Assembly.


Registration and starts: 11:30 – 13:30
Courses close: 15:00
Entry: £5 Seniors (£6 for non-BOF members), £2 Juniors. SI Hire: £1 seniors, free for Juniors, £35 charge if you lose one.


There are a large number of cattle grazing the commons, which you may come across, depending where they are on the day. They are very used to people, as the common is all access land and people roam widely. However, there are some young cows so it is always wise to give them some room. Runners with dogs are strongly advised to keep them well under control, particularly when in the vicinity of cows.

The Green and Blue courses have a number of road crossings. Please take care when crossing. Although most roads are quiet, the main road running North to South can be busy, especially on a sunny day, so extra care should be taken when crossing this and it is forbidden to run along it (though adjacent footpaths on the common are fine).

The Green and Blue courses visit some steep slopes in the forested areas and these can be loose and slippery, particularly after rain.

The Blue course briefly visits Minchinhampton Common, which contains a golf course. Please check for golfers and be courteous.


There will be a string course close to Assembly, and the NGOC cafe will also be present at Assembly. This is probably our only non-urban area with a dedicated ice cream shop on the map! (This is about 750m SSE from the parking, at the marked lay-by).