The Triple Gloucester, 2018 – Urban Event Details

Triple Gloucester Event 2

Night Urban Short Race, Sat. 3rd Feb.
Event 2 is a short, informal, night street race around the centre and nearby suburbs of Chepstow. It is based in Chepstow Drill Hall, where there is plenty of space to change, and where we will serve up soup and rolls after your run, as well as tea and coffee.

Although intended to be an informal and sociable evening run, this is classified as a regional (formerly Level C) event, and is a BOF ranking event.

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Organiser and Planner: Pat Macleod, NGOC
Controller: Greg Best, NGOC


Travel and Parking

The address of the Drill Hall is Lower Church St, Chepstow NP16 5HJ . Please note that the lower part of the town is dominated by a one-way road circuit, so pay close heed to these instructions when arriving and parking. Typical journey time from Speech House Hotel is 30 minutes.

Main parking is in the Drill Hall car park, so the postcode above in your satnav should get you there. If the Drill Hall car park is full, you can try the local streets, or will have to go round the one way circuit and park in the castle car park. See the map below:
Essentially, to get to the overflow car park, you need to go on past the Drill Hall, straight over the cross-roads by the church, and then bear right into the bottom of the High Street, and come back down the hill towards the castle and the old Wye bridge. The castle car park is on the left towards the bottom of the hill. If walking from there, please follow the route shown on the map above in blue, turning left out of the car park and then following the one-way circuit to the right at the traffic lights before the bridge.

Both car parks are pay and display car parks but are free after 5pm.
Please do not park in the spaces on the right of the entrance to the Drill Hall car park, which are marked for local residents only.

The Map

A4, 1:4,000, ISSOM standard, mapped by Gill Stott, NGOC, and updated selectively for this event. Maps will be printed on waterproof paper with control descriptions on the front of the map. Two special symbols are used:

  • X indicates a bench
  • O indicates a drainpipe. There is one such control, on the Short course only. The feature itself is not shown on the map, but the circle is centred on the location of the pipe, and the latter is clearly visible from any direction of approach.


There are two courses:

  • Long: 3.5km straight line distance, 150m climb, 19 controls
  • Short: 2.5km straight line distance, 100m climb, 15 controls

The long course crosses the busy A48, which runs through the town. The road itself is marked as out of bounds on the map, and must not be crossed except via the two marked underpasses. Courses are planned with controls close to these, so that there is little or no advantage to be gained by trying to do so, and any competitor found to have crossed the road other than via the underpasses will be disqualified. The pavements on either side of the A48 are in bounds, and may be used.

The Short course does not cross the A48.

Route choices on both courses use a number of small alleys and lanes, some with occasional individual or small numbers of steps. The latter are not mapped, and runners should take particular care in these narrow routes to watch for trip hazards.

Start and Finish

The start is beside the drill hall, and the finish is by the entrance to the Hall car park. Drivers arriving later in the start window, or leaving after an early run, should take particular care when turning into or leaving the car park to watch out for runners approaching the finish, which is on the left hand side of the car park entrance, and next to the exit.


Registration will open in the Drill hall at 17:00. If you are pre-entered you can use the hall to change but there is no need to go to registration, except to collect a hire dibber if needed.

Starts will be from 18:00 – 19:00, using a turn up and go punching start.

Course will close at 20:15

We have to clear and vacate the Drill Hall by 21:00, so please try not to be too late starting, so that you have time to enjoy a cup of soup afterwards!


Up to 23:59 21 January, via Fabian4: Seniors £5, Juniors £2
Up to 23:59 1 February, via Fabian4, or on the day: Seniors £6, Juniors £2
SI card hire: Seniors £2, Juniors free.
Pre-entry via Fabian4 is strongly preferred. Entry on the Day will be subject to map availability


There are toilets in the Drill Hall, and ample space to change etc.
Your entry fee includes a bowl or cup of soup and a roll, as well as squash, tea and coffee, and perhaps a biscuit or two. There will be a charge of £1 and an honesty box for non-runners accompanying competitors.


It goes without saying that the courses use and cross numerous roads, paths alleyways and so on. You are wholly responsible for your own safety when crossing roads with vehicle traffic, and as mentioned above the busy main road – the A48 – through town is out of bounds, although you may use the pavements on either side. Long course runners must use the mandatory underpass crossing points on this road. Any Short course runners approaching the road should recognise that they are going wrong if they think they should cross it!

Juniors under 16 years of age may not run either course unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

Chepstow is built on a hill. There are numerous slopes and in many cases a few steps here and there to tackle these. The map only shows significant flights of steps, and you should take care to look out for the odd step or other trip hazard, particularly in less well lit areas.

All runners must carry and use a headtorch, and must wear some form of reflective clothing. However, as the area is generally street lit, a back up torch is not mandatory. If your main torch fails you can carry on if you wish, or make your way back to assembly via lit routes.

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