British Orienteering Championships 2016

Well done to everyone who took part, below are a few highlights . Many thanks to Greg for arranging the relay day, which proved challenging.

Individual Day
• Jessica Ward, 2nd on W10A
• Peter Watson 1st on M16B by 6 whole minutes. Clearly needs to have a go at the A course next time!
• Adam Watson 1st on M20B – however he was the only competitor!!
• Caroline Craig would have come 2nd on W21L if she had not forgotten to punch one of the controls.
• Greg distributed flyers to advertise our Harvester weekend to around 1000 cars. Thanks to Richard Purkis, Bob Teed and the Watson familiy for helping him.
Relay Day
• Unfortunately, 6 (out of 21) people had to drop out of our teams, mostly due to illness. This left us with 5 teams on the day.
• We managed to get a team out in both the men’s and women’s premier competitions – something that very few other clubs could do. Otherwise, there was one men’s short, one MW70 team and one M50 team.
• Well done to Hils for agreeing to fill in and managing to complete the third leg of our women’s premier team, in spite of this being somewhat longer and more physical than she was used to.
• Greg’s personal highlight was not having to cycle home after the relays. Thanks to Steve Williams for carrying me and my bike home!
Other – Greg has some uncollected maps left over from both days, and these will be brought along to Mallards Pike for people to collect. There was also a red rain coat that was left in the club tent.