Results 2017

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NGOC RouteGadget

Date Venue Event Links
9 Dec Parkend League 12 Results Splits Routegadget Final Standings League Stats
25 Nov Cranham 2017-18 WNL 2 Results Splits
23 Nov South Cheltenham Night Street Race Results Map Answers
11 Nov Knockalls League 11 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
2 Nov Kingsway Night Street Race Results Answers Map
28 Oct Trellech 2017-18 WNL 1 Results Splits
14 Oct Danby Lodge League 10 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
23 Sep Headless Hill League 9 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
9 Sep Sheepscombe League 8 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
7 Sep Chepstow Street Challenge 5 Linear Results Linear Splits Score Results Score Splits
23 Aug Sallowvallets/beechenhurst R2T2-2 Track Results Track Splits Trail Results Trail Splits
19 Aug Mallards Pike Gary’s Challenge Overall Course 1 Course 2 Course 3
12 Aug Knockalls League 7 Overall Stage 1 Stage 2 Splits 1 Splits 2
Standings Routegadget 1 Routegadget 2
18 Jul Chepstow Park Wood R2T2 1 Tracks(Bike) Results Tracks(Bike) Splits Trail (Run) Results Trail (Run) Splits
13 Jul Barnwood Street Challenge 4 Linear Results Linear Splits Score Results Score Splits
29 Jun Bishops Cleeve Street Challenge 3 Linear Results Linear Splits Score Results Score Splits
15 Jun Gloucester Street Challenge 2 Linear Results Linear Splits Score Results Score Splits
3 Jun Minchinhampton League 6 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
Apologies for the delays at download – I.T.! A number of runners left before the system was back up again, so we don’t have times/splits for you. You’re currently shown as dnf in the results. IF you come to an NGOC event WITHOUT having used your dibber at another event, you’ll be able to download it and we’ll update the results and standings.
1 Jun Lydney Street Challenge 1 Linear Results Linear Splits Score Results Score Splits
22 Apr Leckhampton League 5 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
Adjustments have been made for the temperamental control 47 (Blue 19, Green 12). For all those who were unable to get it to beep, an approximate time has been inserted into your splits.
9 Apr Painswick League 4 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
25 Feb High Meadow League 3 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
18 Feb Painswick WNL Results Splits
11 Feb Mallards League 2 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
22 Jan Danby Galoppen Results Splits Routegadget
String course results
An inhaler has been found.So if anyone is feeling a bit out of breath, please let us know .. treasurer AT
14 Jan Cranham League 1 Results Splits Routegadget
1 Jan Ninewells NYD Score Results Splits