Results 2012 – 2013


Routegadget   Final Standings   League Statistics

Date Venue Event Links
22 Sep Standish Wood League 1 Results Splits Standings
3 Nov Trellech Common League 2 Results Splits Standings
8 Dec Knockalls League 3 Results Splits Standings
23 Feb Painswick League 4 Results Splits Standings
23 Mar Mallards Pike League 5 Results Splits Standings
20 Apr Hartpury League 6 Results Splits Standings Routegadget
11 May Mallards Pike League 7 Results Splits Final Standings Routegadget

Night League

Date Venue Event Links
15 Dec Mallards Pike North Western Night League 1 Results Splits
5 Jan Haresfield Western Night League 2 Results Comments
16 Feb Sallowvallets Western Night League 3 Results


Date Venue Event Links
13 Oct Nine Wells Informal 1 Results Splits
10 Nov Hartpury Informal 2 Results Comments
2 Feb Crickley Hill Informal 3 Results Splits Comments Blue Green
6 Apr Flaxley Informal 4 Results

Summer Saturdays

Date Venue Event Links
8 June Crickley Hill Summer Saturday 1 Results
22 June Hartpury College Summer Saturday 2 Results
6 July Cleeve Hill Summer Saturday 3 Results
20 July Maize Maze Summer Saturday 4 Results
10 Aug Painswick Beacon Summer Saturday 5 Results
24 Aug Cranham Summer Saturday 6 Results

Summer Evening Scores

Date Venue Event Links
13 June Oxstalls and Longlevens Summer Eve 1 Sprint Results and Splits Score Results Score Splits
27 June Pittville Park Summer Eve 2 Results Splits
11 July Tewkesbury Summer Eve 3 Results Control Order
18 July Park Campus Summer Eve 4 Sprint Results and Splits Score Results Score Splits

Other Results

Date Venue Event Links
8 Sep Mallards Pike Chairman’s Challenge Results Routes Splits
27 Dec St Briavels Common Christmas Treasure Hunt Results
1 Jan Parkend New Year’s Day Score Results Splits
17 Mar Symonds Yat SWOA Galoppen Results Splits String Course
WOA Yvette Baker Trophy Results
1 June Cleeve Hill End of Season Results Controls Controls in Order