Other NGOC Events


As well as our programme of regular local events, each year we stage a round in the SWOA Galoppen league. This is a series of South West Regional events, each club in SWOA organising one, which runs from September through to the following May. Galoppens are level C events, meaning that they have slightly more facilities than our local ones(such as toilets, for example), and with slightly higher entry fees than for our local level D events(see the British Orienteering Newcomers Guide here for more on event levels).

The Maize Maze

For the last few years we have organised an event in the giant mazes at Elton Farm, Broadoak, Gloucestershire. This is a fun event with short, sharp courses on a special 1:1,500 map. For 2016 we are thinking about having a later afternoon series of heats followed by a barbecue and then a night run. Quite appropriate for this year’s theme – Star Wars!