27/01/18 – WNL – Crickley Hill

Date Event Signed From Event Entry/Meet at Organiser
Sat 27 Jan
Crickley Hill


Tom Cochrane

Directions and Parking

Parking will be in the Air Balloon overflow car park (not in Crickley Hill Country Park itself, as the vehicle gate is locked at 1800). If travelling on the A417 towards Cirencester (eg from M5 J11A), go up the hill and around the Air Balloon roundabout, then the entrance is immediately on the right. Head to the left and park in the overflow car park.

Approaching from the Criencester/Swindon direction, turn left into the carpark about 100m before the roundabout.


Crickley Hill is a relatively small area, but has a wide variety of terrain. The Cotswold escarpment makes up the western edge of the map: there are many cliffs and steep slopes in this area. On top of the hill is an Iron Age hill fort, and to the east and south are areas of grassland and runnable beech woods.

There are a number of barbed wire fences in the park: many of these are marked as uncrossable and must not be crossed except at the designated crossing points.


Scale 1:7500 (note this is different from previous events at Crickley Hill, where 1:6000 was used).

The map will be double-sided (odds on one side, evens on the other), printed on waterproof paper. Control descriptions and point values will be printed on the map, and also available loose.


As usual for the Western Night League, this will be a 1-hour score event with 30 controls worth varying numbers of points (totalling 600). However, as Crickley Hill is a small area, the odds-and-evens format will be used. The map will be two-sided, with odd-numbered controls on one side, and even-numbered controls on the other. You may start on either side, and may switch to the other side at any point you wish. However, you can only swap sides once: after you have swapped sides and punched a control on the second side, any subsequent controls you punch on the first side will be disallowed.

Eight of the controls will form a beginners’ course, of approximately yellow standard. Starting on the odd side, these are: 201 -> 203 -> 205 -> 207 -> (swap sides) -> 202 -> 204 -> 206 -> 208.

Points will be as usual: 600 points in total, with a 1 point penalty for every 6 seconds late, and a 1 point bonus for every 6 seconds early if you have collected all controls in an allowed order.

Afternoon Training Event

There is a training event on Crickley Hill earlier in the day, using some of the same controls as this event. You are encouraged to attend both events, but note:

  • If you take part in the training, you will not be competitive for Western Night League points.
  • You will need to move your car between the two events, as the Crickley Hill vehicle gate is locked at 1800.

Timing and Fees

Registration from 1700.
Starts from 1730 – 1830.
Courses will close at 1945.

Entry fees: £5 seniors, £2 Juniors.
Dibber hire: £1 seniors, free for juniors


  • Runners have to cross the busy A417 by the roundabout to get to the start, and back from the finish. Juniors under 16 must be accompanied both ways.
  • Whistles and back-up lighting are compulsory and will be checked at the start.
  • You are encouraged to carry a phone in case of emergency: the organiser’s phone number will be printed on the map.
  • Between parking and the start/finish is a very busy road: take care when crossing.
  • There are steep slopes and cliffs on the escarpment: take great care in this area.
  • There may be cattle in the area: give them space.
  • You must report to download even if you retire.

Pub of the Night

The Air Balloon. Not far from the Air Balloon overflow car park.