22/02/18 – Winter Evening Street Race 5 – Stroud

Date Event Meet at: Organiser
Thu 22 February
Mass start 19:00
Finish by 20:00
Winter Evening Street Race 5

Tesco car park
Steve Lee

Travel and Parking

Meet in the North East corner of Tesco car park. As you swing round past the fuel station and across the front of the store take the 3rd car park entry point and drive all the way to the far end. The start and finish are by the recycling bins in the far corner.

Event Details

  • Register from 6.40pm
  • Mass start 7pm. 60-minute time limit, severe penalties if back late!
  • £3 entry fee.
  • Torch (and spare torch) compulsory – it will be dark. Wear light and/or reflective clothing in order to be visible; the organiser may refuse to let you compete if not dressed appropriately.
  • Bring your own pen and map bag (though spares will be available if you forget); maps may not be waterproof.

Pub of the night: The Old Nelson, GL5 4AF, next door to Tesco.