22/01/2017 – Galoppen – Danby Lodge

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Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sun 22 Jan Galoppen
Danby Lodge

GL15 4DB

GL15 4HD
Roger Coe
01594 510444

Online pre-entry now open until midnight on Friday 20 January – enter here…Enter Online


Access to the event is from the Blakeney – Parkend road at SO637088 (GL15 4HB) opposite the entrance to Mallards Pike lake and Go Ape.

Signed from the A48 on the S. edge of Blakeney at SO666066 (GL15 4HD).


On a forest track with a one way traffic flow and separate exit. Parking may be tight especially if the weather is bad. In this case please share transport if at all possible. Parking will be filled back from near the Start at the exit end of the track, and those pre-entered may proceed directly to their final parking position. Others may park temporarily by Registration near the parking entry point to complete their entries before proceeding (See diagram below).

Site Layout



On a lead at all times in the parking/registration areas only. No dogs on courses.


Toilets, Tom Wilkinson catering (vegetable chilli, burgers, bacon rolls, hot and cold drinks and snacks) and Ultrasport (orienteering equipment and outdoor clothing).

First Aid

Kindly provided by the BOK First Aid team and situated next to Download.
The nearest Minor Injuries Unit is at the Dilke Memorial Hospital, GL14 3HS, on the B4226 between Speech House and Cinderford.

The nearest A&E unit is at the Gloucester Royal Hospital Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN

Planner’s Notes

Danby Lodge in January should provide some of the fastest orienteering terrain in the Forest of Dean. The forest is typical of that found in this region, comprising undulating terrain with mixed planting of predominantly mature trees. There is much evidence of old mining and forestry work with numerous pits, depressions, gullies and platforms. Some steeper slopes can be particularly slippery following wet weather and studded shoes are strongly recommended. Loose rock is present underfoot in many of these areas, and care should be taken.

Courses have been designed in order to avoid the worst of recent felling works. Although there are some areas of dead bracken, bramble and brashings, these should not significantly impede progress. Within these areas, competitors are likely to benefit from the numerous small unmapped paths created by deer and wild boar. The exception to this is at the southern end of the map where thick bramble signified by closely spaced hatching is likely to divert those on the Blue and Brown courses to path running. In general, forestry extraction lanes have not been included on the map.

Obvious fences guard a number of dangerous pits in the area near the finish and must NOT be crossed. Parents should note that these will be encountered on both the Orange and Light Green courses.

Light Green and Brown competitors will pass close to a small working mine; a forestry gate on the main track leading to the mine showing a sign that “hard hats must be worn” may be crossed. However, the fenced areas around the workings must NOT be entered.

The Blue and Brown courses visit a technical area of old mine workings at the south of the map with numerous pits, gullies, unfenced crags and some loose rock underfoot; special care should be taken in this area.

Competitors should note that the use of the parking track is prohibited during competition; and in any case this will not be the quickest route!

The wood immediately east of the parking track is OOB to ALL competitors prior to their run.


Course Length Climb Controls Map size
White 1.9 km 65 m 12 A4
Yellow 2.4 km 65 m 10 A4
Orange 2.5 km 105 m 11 A4
Light Green 3.3 km 110 m 13 A4
Short Green 3.7 km 130 m 12 A4
Green 4.3 km 175 m 15 A4
Blue 6.7 km 225 m 18 A4
Brown 9.0 km 355 m 26 A3

Map and Control Descriptions

The map is 1:10,000 with 5m contours, based on previous maps and updated for this event. Pre-printed with courses on waterproof paper. Control descritions (text for White and Yellow courses; IOF symbols otherwise) are printed on the face of the maps. Loose descriptions will also be available at the Start.

Entries and Registration

Pre-entry preferred and available here…. Enter Online, or www.fabian4.co.uk, until midnight on Jan. 20. (Note the extended online entry deadline). On the day entry has been catered for, by extra maps being printed. Registration is  from 10.00 – 12.00. Please complete an entry form, available adjacent to Registration, and take to the Registration tent. If you have your own SI card, please take this with you to speed the entry process. Once registered you may proceed to the Start whenever you are ready.

Entry Fees

White and Yellow courses, £3.00 for all. Other courses – Juniors/students £4.00; Seniors £8.00 plus £2.00 for non-British Orienteering members. EOD surcharge £1.00 for adults only.


The Start is located c. 100m from the exit end of the parking track (see diagram). Vehicles and pedestrians share the bulk of the route and both must take great care. Start times are from 10.30 – 12.30 with a queuing start. Loose Control descriptions will be available in the Start lanes (except for White and Yellow competitors who can pick up both maps and descriptions at the pre-Start). The Finish is situated close to Registration/Download and ALL competitors must report to Download as an important safety check even if they are retiring.

Course Closure

Courses will close promptly at 14.30 and control collection start immediately, due to restricted daylight hours. Please allow for this early closure time when choosing which course to run.


Interim results will be posted at Download and updated as often as conditions permit. Final results will be posted on the NGOC website as soon as possible after the event.

String Course

There will be a free String course situated near to, but on the opposite side of the parking track from, Registration.

Adverse Weather

It is January with an increased risk of poor weather conditions. The most likely consequence is that the carrying or wearing of cagoules could be made compulsory, in which case a notice will be displayed at the event entrance on the day. However particularly poor weather conditions in the days immediately before the event or forecast for the day itself could lead to delayed starts, late changes to parking and other arrangements or even event cancellation. Please check the NGOC website in the days immediately before the event, and if necessary on the day itself, for late changes.

Event Safety

Full body cover is compulsory and competitors should ensure that they are wearing suitable clothing for the weather conditions on the day.

Whistles are compulsory for juniors and strongly advised for all.

The Forest is popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The parking track in particular will not only be used by competitors’ vehicles but is also a popular short-cut for cyclists and a recognised horse and carriage route, although January may not be the most busy time for the latter. Please look out for and be courteous to any of the above you may encounter.

Wild animals, mainly boar and deer, frequent the area. You are advised to give boar in particular a wide berth although their eyesight is reputedly poor. If you do encounter any close up, do not shout or make sudden or violent movements but just back quietly away. They will only approach you if they feel threatened – usually by people with unrestrained dogs. Deer ticks may be transferred to you by undergrowth with a consequent risk of infection and you should check yourself carefully for these after your run.

All competitors must report to Download, situated near the Finish, even if they do not complete their course. This constitutes a basic but very important safety check.

Competitors are reminded to keep clear of any stacked timber and to ensure that children do not play on or near timber stacks.

A safety bearing of W. will bring competitors to either the parking track or one of the public roads surrounding the area.

All competitors take part at their own risk and are ultimately responsible for their own safety.


Organiser: Roger Coe (NGOC), 01594 510444: randvcoe@btinternet.com
Planner: Peter Ward (NGOC)
Controller: Mike Farrington (HOC)