18/02/17 – 2016/17 WNL3 – Painswick

Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sat 18th Feb
Reg from 17.30


Dave Hartley



The event is signed from the A46 N of Painswick at SO870118. Alternatively, from the North, from Gloucester, take the B4073, signedposted Painswick. Pass the Pub of the Night, The King’s Head at Upton St. Leonards, and ascend the steep Upton Hill. After just under 2 miles turn left signposted Catbrain Quarry. Parking is along the verges of this lane in the usual location for events held here.


This is a standard 1:10,000 updated in December 2016. There is a plethora of cycle tracks in the NE area and due to their ephemeral nature not all have been mapped. The N to S roads to the west and east are Out of Bounds.


The open land to the N of the parking lane is dominated by an ancient hill fort, typical of forts in southern Britain which date to c.440-100BC. It comprises high steep earthbanks and deep gullies.

The surrounding area is wooded, sloping land with some impenetrable brambles in places. The area has experienced extensive quarrying over the years and many of the resulting crags are vertical and high.


Standard 1 hour Score event. Waterproof map with symbolic control descriptions on the front.
Loose descriptions for wrist holders will be available. Yellow course comprising 8 controls.
Controls are sited North and South of the road which passes through the event area, including those which constitute the recommended Yellow course. Juniors under the age of 16 will therefore require adult supervision.

This is an SI event with a punching Start and Finish close to the organiser’s car.


Registration from 17.30. Starts from 18.15 OR AS SOON AS IT IS DARK. Last permitted start will be NO LATER than 50mins after the first starter. Course will close 80 mins after last starter.
Entry: £5 Seniors (£6 for non-BOF members), £2 Juniors and full time students.
SI Hire: £1 Seniors, free for Juniors. Lost dibbers – £35.


Whistles and backup lighting are compulsory at WNL events. Cagoules recommended if weather inclement. Correct footwear for the conditions should be worn. All competitors will complete a registration form and report to registration BEFORE starting. This is to ensure the organiser is aware of who is out on the course. Car keys may be left at registration and those travelling alone are recommended to do so.

All competitors MUST download even if they do not complete the course.

The nearest A&E Hospital is Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN. 0300 4 22 22 22.

Escarpment area to the NW with steep slopes. Be aware of the fenced area on the wooded open run escarpment in the middle of the top half of the map. Due to its condition it is not mapped accurately and must be considered a trip hazard. Crags must be avoided – approaching has no visible warning as the ground simply drops vertically away. COMPETITORS MUST FAMILIARISE THEMSELVES WITH THE RISK ASSESSMENT. COMPETITORS PARTICIPATE AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Safety Bearings: Lower half of map – there are roads to the west and east of the event area.
Top half of map – take a S to SW bearing or head for the A46 to the E of the area.


The King’s Head, Upton St Leonards, Gloucester. www.kingshead-uptonstleonards.co.uk
01452 616042. Leave the parking area to the NW and turn right onto the Painswick – Gloucester road (B4073). Drive N towards Gloucester for 2 mls descending the steep Upton Hill. The pub is at the foot of the hill on the right hand side before the motorway bridge. It is recommended that if intending to eat, a table should be booked.

RESULTS will be linked on the NGOC website as soon as possible after the event-www.ngoc.org.uk

PLEASE NOTE: Night Events and Insurance

“British Orienteering have confirmed that every competitor must carry a whistle and a backup light and that the organising club must physically check at the start that a reasonable percentage of participants are complying with this rule. Please bear with us while this kit check is performed.”