Under 16s Running Green at League Events

After a great deal of discussion on what is meant by significant traffic, and what appropriate traffic management arrangements might be, the committee has decided that all NGOC event organisers must enforce the British Orienteering rule on under 16s competing on courses which cross any roads.

Rule 7.2 states:

‘Juniors aged under 16 on the day of the competition are not permitted to compete on courses where there are possible routes that require competitors to cross roads with significant traffic, unless appropriate traffic management arrangements have been put in place. A disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian does not circumvent this rule’.

Planners will be instructed that Yellow and Orange courses must never cross any roads, and that every effort should be made also to plan the Green course with no road crossings. Where this is not possible, and where appropriate traffic management arrangements(which we consider to be marshalling) cannot be provided, the event details will make it clear which courses under 16s may run, and which they may not.

Under 16s found to be disregarding this rule will be disqualified.”