Sylvan Sprint Poll Responses

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our poll regarding the Sylvan Sprint event on 12 August 2017. There were 52 responses, of which 31 were from people who did not attend, and 21 from those who did.

Of the non-attendees, the most common reason for absence was clash with holidays(9 people), plus 3 others quoting this as well as other reasons for not coming. 4 people were put off by the short runs over a long day, though only 1 gave not liking the sound of a sprint as the main reason for not coming. Several people expressed exhaustion after the Scottish 6 Days, and of course quite a few had typical reasons for not coming such as visitors, having to work, and so on. In general, though, there was no other common thread amongst reasons for non-attendance.

Almost all respondents who came gave very positive responses, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Once again the most common comment was doubt over the long day, with 2 short runs and long gap between, followed by doubt over the term ‘Sprint’, the dispersed event layout, and some suggestions that the courses could have been a bit longer.

A few respondents asked why we didn’t stick to the usual League format. Historically, NGOC did not hold forest events in high summer, because of rampant vegetation likely to hinder running in many of our areas. This year we sought a format that could provide another forest League event, rather than resorting to another urban event. We identified the piece of forest used for the Sylvan Sprint as ideal for summer use, though accept that the distance from the available parking to the start/finish was probably excessive for a family friendly local event.

Overall, we feel that the event was a success, and a useful addition to our range of activities, which we are actively trying to expand. We have identified another area which we believe will suit the format well, and will remap it at an appropriate scale for this short race format. We will also try to make the overall event setup more compact, will review timings and course lengths, and will look at adding facilities such as toilets.

A few people included their names in their comments, but we consciously did not ask for names, and so we are unable to respond individually to any comments. However, we would be happy to email you a copy of all responses if you are interested, or respond individually if you wish to discuss the event. In either case get in touch initially with Pat Macleod (equipment ‘at’