NGOC Club Championship


The Club Championships is open only to members of North Gloucestershire OC.

The series comprises of one race per calendar month. Competitors’ seven best scores are used to determine overall position.

The scoring system adjusts all courses into a single results table – it does not matter if you decide to run a different course from one race to the next. The scoring for each race will be based on all course finishers and not just members of North Gloucestershire OC, so for a points bonanza first you need to have a clean run, and second hope that few other “good” runners from other clubs are so fortunate! It would follow that the smaller, less well attended, races would yield the highest club champs scores in a season.

For 2017, the Championships is still evolving – past scores may be revised at no notice as a result of code developments or assumption changes.


Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Male Club Champion
  • Female Club Champion
  • Junior Male Club Champion (M16-)
  • Junior Female Club Champion (W16-)
  • Handicap Club Champion (applying British Orienteering standard handicaps)

2017 Fixtures

  1. Sun 22nd January: Danby Lodge, North Gloucestershire OC Galoppen
  2. Sun 5th February: New Beechenhurst East, Bristol OK and Avon Schools League
  3. Sun 12th March: Cwm Lickey, Welsh League and CompassSport Cup Qualifying Round
  4. Sun 23rd April: Kings Wood, South Wales OC Welsh League
  5. Mon 29th May: Brampton Bryan, Springtime in Shropshire Day 3
  6. Sun 11th June: Bristol Harbourside East, BOK Blast
  7. Sat 12th August: Knockalls, North Gloucestershire League forest sprint
  8. Sun 17th September: Haydon Wick (Swindon), North Wilts urban race – pre-enter on Fabian4 now!
  9. Sun 22nd October: Virtuous Lady (Devon), CompassSport Cup Final – please fill in sign-up form now!
  10. Sun 12th November: Dudmaston, West Midlands League (TBC)
  11. Sun 3rd December: Brierley, Bristol OK and Avon Schools League

NOTE – Some of the proposed fixtures are still fluid due to permissions issues, and external clubs still saying “Provisional”. These will be firmed up in due course. It now loos as though there will be only 11 races this season – but the current intention is to remain at 7 scores to count; this may be revised later in the year!


Provisional standings in the Overall and Handicap competition after Race 8 are now available. Congratulations to our leaders – Richard Purkis and Ros Taunton! With 7* races to count we will soon be seeing complete sets of scores and have a better idea of who will be fighting at the top! (* currently – will be reviewed after race 9)

Note – we are still using the 2016 membership including lapsed members – we will purge lapsed members towards the end of the year. If you finished a course and your name does not appear, please contact the Captain.