Winter Evening Street Race 3 Results

Results from Thursday’s race in Charlton Kings are now published on the Results page, or via these links.
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Thank you everyone for coming, especially so close to Christmas. Even though some people had gone away, it was nice to have visitors from afar!

Apologies to the family from AIRE, whose sheet I don’t have, but who were definitely back in time as we chatted while waiting for the others to arrive. If you know your score, you’re welcome to send it to me and I’ll update the results.

I believe I got the right minute for all the late returns, but as there were so many streaming in, then standing nearby, it wasn’t easy, so I’m sorry if you think you got penalised 10 points more than you deserved. I stuck strictly to the minute in the interests of fairness, even though I felt very mean penalising the people who were 10 seconds late!