R2T2-2 Results Published

Many thanks to everyone who rode or ran around Sallowvallets and Beechenhurst at R2T2-2. We had 24 riders and 39 runners on a very pleasant Summer evening, with excellent post run food served up by Matt and his team in the pedalabikeaway cafe. You can find results on the Results page, or via these links –
Track Results Track Splits Trail Results Trail Splits

Many thanks to all who helped with planning and logistics – Gill and Andy Stott, Andy Creber, Steve Robinson, and Tom Mills, who came out on Thursday morning to help collect in the Trail markers, as well as Matt and the cafe staff, of course.

Please note that R2T2-3, scheduled for Haywood Plantation, Cinderford, has been postponed until May 2018. We had a few runners finishing pretty much in the dark this week, and it will be dark a lot sooner in September. We are not at the point where we wish to plan night runs just yet. We are, however, looking at putting on some Saturday afternoon Trails during the winter months, so keep an eye out for details….