New Year’s Day Score Results

Results for today’s Score event at the Kidnalls are now published. Many thanks to all who braved our warnings of deep mud…..I suspect most of you found some of it. Apologies for the confusion over control numbering, and thankyou to Jo Foster and Jacky Hallet for working out the correct numbers. Thanks also to Pete Foster for suggesting a quick way to correct the apparent mispunches – substitute control numbers worked perfectly, Pete. Having told everyone at download that we never use numbers higher than 230, it transpires that we did just that at the WNL event in November, and the fault is down to me – removing the temporary control number stickers after that event but not re-programming the units!

By good fortune the actual control numbers on the wrongly numbered ones were consistent with the odds/evens split, so at least I didn’t have that added complication when looking for those who did not follow the rules. I found 3…’ll see your additional penalties in the results, together with a bief note of explanation(except in one case, where I couldn’t think of anything brief to say!)

You can find the results on the Results page, or via these links: Results Splits