New Year’s Day Score – Information Update

Given the weather over the last few days, and further rain forecast for the weekend (but not Monday!), you can expect a true mudbath at the Kidnalls on Monday, maybe not quite as bad as in this piccie, but close. The access track should be good for driving, unless the forecast turns cold again, in which case expect icy conditions. Most of the paths are extremely muddy, and well churned by large numbers of wild animals. The going off-path is quite good; despite the extent of undergrowth screen on the map, much of it has been beaten down by the snow, so that going is generally better than you might expect. There are also plenty of extraction lanes and animal trails throughout the area, so cross-country options are worth a try.

If you are planning to come for a gentle walk round, we strongly advise that you wear wellies or other thoroughly waterproof footwear!

Finally, we don’t expect to have to issue a go/no-go message on Monday morning, given the current forecast, but it’s always worth checking the website before leaving home. We will post by 08:30 if there is a problem, but will not post if all is well.

It’s going to be fun!