Mallards Pike Results

Results for League 4 at Mallards Pike are published on the Results page or via these links:

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Legs 13-14 and 14-15 on Blue, and 7-8 and 8-9 on Orange have been voided due to the vandalism of control 57. The flag was stolen, and the stake moved such that some early runners came upon it by luck, whilst later runners benefited as the control and flag had been replaced in the correct location. As some runners lost time searching unsuccessfully for the control, the times for the affected legs have been removed making the results as fair as possible.

For those that use RouteGadget, the missing control is, indeed, missing. You can draw your actual route and the animation will not be affected. However, SplitsBrowser works in a different way and produces some strange results.

Many thanks to all today’s helpers – Sheila and John Miklausic for the String course (a challenging 800m), Pat and Carol for manning Base, Jacky Richards for help throughout the day and Lin Callard, Chris Poole, and Roger Coe for helping with control collection.