League 9 Cleeve Hill

Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sat 29th Oct
League 9
Cleeve Hill

GL52 6LQ

GL54 4EU
Greg Best
01242 516053


Click on the icons in the table above for detailed locations and route finders. The parking is a new location for us, a farmer’s field close to the radio masts. Although there are other possible routes, the event will be signed from the Sixways junction on the A40 in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. As the name implies, there are 6 directions you can take from here, laid out in a star pattern, so make sure you take the correct one! If driving along the A40 from the west, Cheltenham town centre, at the Sixways traffic lights, the required road is the first one on the left, i.e “at 20 to the hour”. If coming along the A40 from the east, the required road is “at 10 past the hour”.

A parking fee of £1 per car will be collected at the gate.


The map was fully updated by Greg Best ready for the Harvester Relay earlier this year. O improve the old map, the update used lidar data for the parts of the area where this is available and a recent aerial photo. In particular, note that the gorse has received a thorough re-survey, so this is now very reliable for navigation.

Two new areas have also been added to the map. The “Butterfly Reserves” will be crossed by all courses. A small piece of intricate woodland has also been added and this will be crossed by the Blue and Green courses. Note that this means full leg cover is strongly advised for those courses.

There are some cow tracks which do not appear on the map, as these come and go throughout the year, depending on where the cattle are currently enclosed.

The scale is 1:10000 with 5m contours. Control descriptions will be on the map, but also available loose at registration. The map is printed on waterproof paper.


Cleeve Common, the highest point of the Cotswolds, consists of fast open grassland with areas of scattered gorse, a steep and complex western escarpment, and several areas of old quarry workings with intricate contours. As noted above, there is also a complex area of woodland now added to the map. The area is well used by the public and grazed by sheep and cattle. There are many grassy paths, where the grass is a little shorter than the surroundings. These may be indistinct. There is a golf course, which is marked on the map as out of bounds. Areas mapped as Rough Open are, with a few small exceptions, generally very runnable, including well cropped pasture and former gorse areas cut down to ground level, with only occasional areas of tussock.


There are 4 courses. Lengths subject to final confirmation are…

  • Blue: 7.5 km, 295m climb (hard, for experienced orienteers)
  • Green: 4.8 km, 150m climb (hard, for experienced orienteers)
  • Orange: 3.2 km, 55m climb (medium, suitable for adult beginners and improvers)
  • Yellow: 2.1km, 50m climb (easy, suitable for children)

String Course available.

Note that on the Green and Blue courses, some of this climb can be easily avoided if you choose to!

There is a walk of about 700 metres to the Start, and about 200 metres of this is along a very minor road. The Finish is much closer, only about 200 metres back. The same minor road has to be crossed, but this will be manned.


Registration and starts: 11:30 – 13:30. Courses close: 15:00

Entry: £5 Seniors (£6 for non-BOF members), £2 Juniors. SI chip hire: £1 seniors, free for juniors, £35 charge if you lose one!


All competitors take part at their own risk. A whistle is compulsory for juniors and advised for seniors.

All courses must use the marked crossing points through uncrossable fences and walls.

Do not cross golf course fairways, greens or tees. These are marked as out of bounds. Only Green and Blue will cross the golf course, at a safe place.

Dogs are permitted, but must be kept under control, especially when near sheep, which roam freely over the common.

It is advised that parents accompany young children along the minor road to the Start.

The area is well used by the public for numerous activities, so please be considerate to others.

If you have not taken part in an orienteering event before please view http://www.ngoc.org.uk/about-orienteering/getting-started/.


Greg Best, 01242 516053 greg@abbeyhotel-cheltenham.com