23/09/17 – League 9 – Highmeadow

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Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sat 23rd Sept
Starts 11.30-13.30
Finish by 15:00
League 9

GL16 8PA

GL16 8PA
Andy Stott
01291 689471

Travel Directions and Parking

The Signed From location and Forest Entry are co-located just under half a mile West of Staunton village, on the A4136 Monmouth to Mitcheldean road. Note that the postcode given is centred on the Western edge of Staunton village. If approaching from the East and using the postcode, you need to continue past this location and on down the A4136. The forest turning is actually on the boundary of 2 other postcodes, both of which are likely to lead you some way from where you want to be, if following satnav instructions!

Parking is on a level forest track. The registration and finish are towards the north end of the track, about 1.3 miles from the forest gate. You will pass the start on the way to parking (unless vehicles are already parked up to that point). The access track and parking is in the middle of the competition area and is also the route to the start. PLEASE DRIVE VERY SLOWLY ON ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE AND STOP FOR COMPETITORS CROSSING THE TRACK. The forest adjacent to the parking is out of bounds on both sides of the track (apart from a few convenient bushes).The exit is back the way you came in but the the track is wide enough to pass in many places.

The finish is next to the registration. The start is about 400m south from registration along the level track which is used for access and parking. It is beside the Suck stone, reputed, at about 30,000 tons, to be the largest detached block of rock in the British Isles. See http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=31507 for more info


The area is mostly runnable mixed broadleaved and coniferous woodland on steep slopes. There are some patches of bracken which can be avoided. A massive band of conglomerate rock outcrops along the upper part of the main west-facing escarpment and there are some large crags and boulders (the size of houses). There are also some limestone features at the north end of the map. There are many charcoal burning platforms on the slopes.

The Map

The map is a complete revision of Highmeadow and Headless Hill on a LIDAR base, by Pat Macleod in early 2017. There are numerous informal mountain bike tracks. The larger, more permanent ones have been mapped. The undergrowth screen is used to show areas of dense bramble and bracken. Ferns and light bracken are not mapped. The north part of the map extending towards Far Hearkening Rock has not been used by NGOC for orienteering before.


All courses are quite short to compensate for the large amount of climb. Climb is measured for the optimum route.

  • Yellow 1.8km 60m climb 8 controls
  • Orange 2.9km 140m climb 10 controls
  • Green 3.7km 140m climb 15 controls
  • Blue 5.6km 320m climb 16 controls

There will be a string and off-string course close to registration. The Mr Men plan a special course for all little, and maybe some not so little, people. The off-string course will be SI timed, with prizes for the fastest competitors.

Registration and Entry Fees

Registration and starts: 11:30 – 13:30
Course closes: 15:00
Fees: Seniors £5, or £6 if not a member of British Orienteering, with SI hire £1.
Juniors £2, with free SI hire.

Other Facilities

The NGOC cafe will be present.


As noted above, all courses apart from Yellow, cross the access track used for the event. PLEASE TAKE EXTREME CARE WHEN DESCENDING ON TO THIS TRACK FROM THE FOREST. There are some large and dangerous crags near the start. The Yellow and Orange courses will follow a taped path from the start which ascends between the crags. Young children should be supervised. Blue course competitors will need to descend between large crags shortly after the start. DO NOT TAKE RISKS.

The forest is used for informal downhill mountain biking. WATCH OUT FOR CYCLISTS WHEN USING OR CROSSING MOUNTAIN BIKE TRACKS.

There is a large and hungry population of WILD BOAR. They will usually make a hasty retreat from orienteers but do not confront them or get in their way!


Andy Stott, 01291 689471