17/02/18 – League 2 – Bixslade

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Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sat 17th Feb
Starts 11.00-13.00
Finish by 14:30
Winter start window
League 2

GL16 7EG

GL16 7EG
Paul Taunton


Because of new Forestry Commission restrictions we are no longer able to park on forest tracks as was originally planned for this event. Thanks are due to CU Phosco Lighting for allowing us to park in their factory yard, which is close to the northwest corner of the Bixslade map. Their yard entrance is on the north side of the B4226, Speech House Road, in Broadwell. See the icons in the table above for maps and route finders.

If approaching from Coleford/Broadwell/the West, the yard entrance is on your left, about 200m northeast of the crossroads in the centre of Broadwell. If approaching from Cannop Crossroads go about a mile westwards up the hill, pass the Oak Quarry recycling centre on your right, then in 150m pass the entrance to the Forestry Commission Worcester Lodge holiday site, then slow and in 250m turn right into the signed factory entrance.

Parking space is very limited, so please share transport where possible and have £1 parking fee ready when arriving. Although CU Lighting is not working on Saturday, and no lorry movements are expected, they have indicated certain areas that we must not use, therefore please park strictly as directed by the marshals. Do not interfere with any materials or products stacked in the yard, and do not attempt to park between stacks. Please take special care not to leave litter.

Follow the taped route from the yard entrance southwest along the footway on the north side of the Speech House Road towards assembly. Do not cross until you reach the marshalled crossing point. Then follow the tapes along the forest path to assembly (300m easy walk from car park entrance).


A4, 1:10,000 scale, printed on waterproof paper. Updated to ISOM2017 standard. Control descriptions are printed on the front of the map and available loose at registration. The organiser’s mobile phone number will be printed on the map, for use in emergency.


The usual Forest of Dean mix of coniferous and deciduous woodland, but with rather more blocks of dense impenetrable young conifer than most of our areas. Runnability in the mature woodland is generally good, and the snow has flattened areas of brambles more effectively than some recent years. Conversely, the high winds have added to brash on the floor of some mature plantations. The extent of all three of the working quarries has recently increased, and the map has been updated to reflect these changes. Please respect the new larger mapped “out of bounds” areas.


There are six courses available, details subject to final controlling, following relocation of start and finish to suit parking:

  • Brown, 8.6km, 350m climb, 20 controls
  • Blue, 6.2km, 250m climb, 15 controls
  • Green, 4.7km, 140m climb, 13 controls
  • Short Green, 3.8km, 85m climb, 10 controls
  • Orange, 3.5km, 70m climb, 10 controls
  • Yellow, 2.7km, 55m climb, 11 controls
    A string course will be available, starting and finishing at Assembly.

The Finish is a slightly downhill 300m walk from Assembly, with the Start a further 200m beyond, all along easy paths and tracks.

We will be using SI electronic timing. You can hire a timing chip if necessary.


Registration and starts: 11:00 – 13:00, Courses close: 14:30
Entry: £5 Seniors (£6 for non-BOF members), £2 Juniors.
SI Hire: £1 seniors, free for Juniors.


A string course will be available and, subject to confirmation, the NGOC cafe will be available


A risk assessment has been completed, and a copy will be held at Registration in case competitors wish to consult it before their run.

A first aid kit and trained first aiders will be available at Assembly.

Competitors must ensure that they bring suitable waterproof clothing to the event, as the Organiser may make cagoules compulsory if there is particularly cold/wet weather.

All competitors take part at their own risk. A whistle is compulsory for juniors and advised for seniors.

There are many steep slopes in Bixslade, all of which will be wet and slippery given the recent weather. Shorter courses (Yellow, Orange, Short Green) have been planned to avoid the steepest slopes. You are strongly advised to wear the best footwear you have for wet and muddy conditions.

There is a possibility that you will encounter wild boar during your run. They will generally seek to avoid confrontation with humans, and will move away if given space and the opportunity to do so. Allow them to go, and give them time if they go where you want to go.

There are some mountain bike trails in the area, although they appear to be not widely used. Some additional trails have been mapped but unmapped trails may be encountered in some areas. Bixslade is not an approved mountain bike area, and bikers should not be riding off the hard tracks, but be aware you may meet bikes travelling downhill at speed.


Paul Taunton: paul.taunton(at)tesco.net