11/11/17 – League 11 – Knockalls

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Date Event Signed From Forest Entry Organiser
Sat 11th Nov
Starts 11.00-13.00
Finish by 14:30
Winter start window
League 11

GL16 8RY

Postcode unhelpful
Dave Andrews
01291 689973

Travel and parking

The event will be signed from the A4136, Monmouth to Coleford road, at the White Horse Inn.
Parking is on a forest track 1km to the South of Staunton village, accessed via a narrow lane which is signed from the middle of the village.

If approaching from the East – the A4136 from Coleford/Berry Hill/Gloucester – bear left opposite the church as you arrive in Staunton village. Take the narrow lane down into the heart of the village and turn left just beyond the small village green.

If approaching from the West – the A4136 from Monmouth – turn right just past the White Horse pub as you enter the village, follow the lane round to the left, and turn right after 200m.

The Map

A4, 1:10,000 scale, printed on waterproof paper. Control descriptions are printed on the map and available loose at registration.


The usual Forest of Dean mix of coniferous and deciduous woodland, but characterised over extensive parts of the map by boulder fields and numerous large individual boulders. Much of the area is very runnable, but there are patches of brambles and bracken. Area of dense undergrowth are best avoided, and courses are planned to avoid these where possible. Less dense undergrowth is patchy; larger areas are mapped, but routes can usually be found through them, and around smaller patches which are not mapped.

Knockalls is all on a significant slope so it is difficult to avoid the climb on the courses and the lengths of the courses have been adjusted accordingly.

Please be aware and take care around Exmoor Ponies which may be grazing freely on Staunton Meend – the open common in the North central area of the map. Pease do not spook the Exmoor ponies; Staunton council say “they can be a devil to get back if they escape”. Please close gates to North and South of common.

Event Details

There are 4 courses available:

  • Blue, 5.3km, 280m climb, 19 controls
  • Green, 3.8km, 205m climb, 14 controls
  • Orange, 2.5km, 105m climb, 10 controls
  • Yellow, 2.0km, 75m climb, 10 controls

Crossing Points (gates) to North and South of Common for Blue, Green and Orange courses are MANDATORY. DO NOT attempt to cross the stone wall, and please close the gates.

The Start is an uphill 250m walk (35m climb) from midpoint of Parking track. The Finish is by Parking track, 400m walk from Assembly

We will be using SI electronic timing. You can hire a timing chip if necessary.

Times and Costs

Please note earlier timings due to restricted daylight hours.

Registration and starts: 11:00 – 13:00, Courses close: 14:30. 

Entry: £5 Seniors (£6 for non-BOF members), £2 Juniors.

SI Hire: £1 seniors, free for Juniors.


The NGOC cafe and, subject to confirmation, a string course, will be available very close to assembly.


All competitors should familiarise themselves with the risk assessment, which will be found at registration, before their run.

All competitors take part at their own risk. A whistle is compulsory for juniors and advised for seniors.

There is a remote possibility that you encounter wild boar during your run. They will generally seek to avoid confrontation with humans, and will move away if given space and the opportunity to do so. Allow them to go, and give them time if they go where you want to go.
You may also encounter horse riders, please do not frighten the horses.

You may also encounter mountain bikers on some trails in the forest. Take Care.


Dave Andrews 01291 689973