Summer Evening Events

During the Summer months we organise a series of midweek evening events, normally on Thursdays. These usually take place in urban areas, using maps typically at 1:5,000 scale, and drawn broadly but not always purely to urban orienteering mapping standards. They are designed primarily to show allowed and prohibited routes, cover mainly suburban rather than city centre areas, and they may omit some of the fine detail found in city centre maps.

We use SI timing, with controls marked not with the standard stake and kite, but with a small O-sign and SI unit securely ‘grippled’ to an item of street furniture, a tree, or some other immoveable object!

Unless stated otherwise in the event details, timings, fees and courses for these are as follows:

  • Registration and starts: 18:00 – 19:00
  • Courses close: 20:00
  • Fees: Seniors £5; Juniors £2. SI hire Seniors: £1; Juniors free
  • Courses: Long(about 8km optimum route); Short(about 5km optimum route); Junior(1-2km, no roads, if the area allows it); 1 hour score