The NGOC League

League events are competitive events which cater for both inexperienced and experienced orienteers. The NGOC League consists of 12 events, spread fairly evenly over the calendar year. Most events are forest based, but during the Summer there will typically be one or more park or urban events.

The League is open to all comers, not just NGOC members, and is scored, with your best 8 scores from the 12 events counting towards your final score for the season. Scores for the league are calculated as follows:

  • A base time is calculated by averaging the times of the top 25% of runners on each course;
  • The base time is worth 1000 points. Your score is calculated from the ratio of your time to the base time, which means that leading runners will invariably score more than 1000 points;
  • For the events they organise, League Organisers and Advisers are awarded points equivalent to their average score during the first half of the year, so club members volunteering to organise League events are not penalised, score wise, for doing so.

We use the SportIdent timing system(SI) and results are published on the the NGOC website within a day or so of the event.

Unless stated otherwise in the event details, timings, fees and courses for League events are as follows:

  • Registration and Start times:  11.30 – 13.30
  • Courses close: 15.00, meaning that you must have reported back to download by this time, irrespective of whether you have completed your course or not. Controls will be collected in after this time
  • Fees: Senior £5( non BOF members £6) ; Juniors £2. Dibber hire, Seniors £2; Juniors free
  • Courses: Easy(Yellow), Moderate(Orange), Short Hard(Green), Long Hard(Blue)