Event Archive

The event archive contains information about each of the events run by NGOC, starting from the beginning of the 2012-2013 season.

It is designed to provide information about the event area, and previous events held on it, for organisers and planners of future events. Organisers are responsible for providing information to the webmasters to help maintain the archive.

There are currently 2 restrictions on the content and use of the archive:
1. It holds no personal information on landowners, access authorities and so on; organisers need to request this information from the Chairman, or Fixtures Secretary, when they need it.
2. The all controls map included in the archive for each event is a password protected PDF. Organisers and planners should contact the Chairman or webmasters to obtain the passwords for any map files they wish to review.

Blakeney Hill
Cleeve Hill
Cranham Wood
Crickley Hill
Danby Lodge
Flaxley Woods
Hartpury College
High Meadow
Knockalls Enclosure
Lydney Park
Mallards Pike
Moseley Green
Painswick Beacon
Parkend Walk
Standish Wood
Trellech Common
Woodchester Park