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Non-Member Mailing List

November 4, 2017 pat-macleod 0

We have created a mailing list for non NGOC members who may be interested in receiving periodic emails about our forthcoming events and other activities. […]

Sylvan Sprint Poll

August 14, 2017 pat-macleod 0

By all accounts from people who came to the Sylvan Sprint last Saturday, it was a great event. The turnout, however, was disappointingly low for an NGOC league event, and we are keen to try and find out what put people off.

We have devised a very short poll – here – to try and find out why. If you thought about coming, but didn’t, if you couldn’t come for some reason, or indeed if you did come, and have a view as to why relatively few people did, please take a few moments to complete it. It will help us plan for next time.

Next Committee Meeting

July 20, 2017 pat-macleod 0

The next committee meeting is on Monday 24th July. If there is anything you wish to put to the committee, or any matter you wish to discuss with or within the committee, please let Caroline Craig know as soon as possible, or speak to one of the committee members.

Bishops Cleeve

July 3, 2017 Simon Denman 0

Thanks to Ginny for doing a top job on her first event and to her helpers, Tom Mills, John Fallows, Chanty and Simon Hudson, and […]

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