Permanent Orienteering Courses

There are several permanent orienteering courses(POCs) in our area. These provide a great opportunity to try out your map-reading skills whilst enjoying a walk in the woods and parks of Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean. Click here to see where they can be found. In the forest they generally consist of fixed wooden posts with the orienteering flag and a number or letter painted on them. In the town parks the style of control sites may vary; In Central Park, Gloucester, for example, they are to be found about 10-12 feet above ground level, securely attached to a tree or lamp-post, in order to keep them vandal-proof!

The maps for these courses are generally available at the course, usually from an office or warden’s hut, or similar facility, which is generally open and manned for much of the day, including weekends, though there have been some problems with availability of maps for the Forest of Dean course. We are working on a solution to this. POC maps typically cost only a £ or two to purchase, and whilst they show all of the control sites they also often suggest courses of varying lengths to help you choose a variety of routes around the POC.