Awards and Trophies

2012-2013 Results       Previous Season Winners       Past winners of the Terry Bradstock Trophy

Terry Bradstock Trophy

The Terry Bradstock Trophy is awarded annually to the NGOC member who achieves the most points, based on a complex and little understood formula, from 4 events – The JK, The British Championships, The Caddihoe Chase, and the Mike Nelson BOKTrot.

The Chairman’s Challenge

The Chairman’s Challenge Trophy is awarded to the handicap winner of the annual Chairman’s Challenge Score event, which traditionally opens the NGOC fixture list for the season in early September.

NGOC Mini-league

The Mini-league consists of 8 events, of which a competitor’s best 5 scores count towards the overall league placings. Prizes are awarded to the winner of each colour course, plus two other competitors. The choice of these is in the gift of the NGOC committee, but they will normally be first NGOC runner where the winner is non-NGOC, first lady/girl if the winner is a man/boy, or whomever the committee feels deserves one!

2012-2013 Results

Trophy/Competition Winner Second Third
Terry Bradstock Trophy David Lee: 2504 pts Pat Macleod: 2501 pts Gill Stott: 2305 pts
Chairman’s Challenge Trophy Michael Hallett(BOK):
688 pts
Jackie Hallett(BOK):
682 pts
Clive Hallett(BOK):
660 pts
Mini-League Course Winner    
Blue Joe Gidley:
4390 pts
1st lady: Christine Farr(SWOC)
20th: 2332 pts
Green Paul Hobby:
4413 pts
1st Lady: Rachel Dennis(BOK)
6th: 4039 pts
Orange Patrick Tate:
5136 pts
1st Lady: Ashleigh Denman
2nd: 4583 pts
1st Junior: Joe Hudd(BOK)
4th: 3448 pts
Yellow Jeanette Tate(IND):
3843 pts
1st NGOC: Evie Hastings(W7)
2rd: 2717 pts
1st NGOC boy: Reuben Lawson(M7)
5th: 1766 pts

Previous Season Winners

Year Terry Bradstock Trophy Chairman’s Challenge Mini-league
2012 David Lee Neil Cameron Blue: Andy Munro(HOC)
Green: Dudley Budden(BOK)
Orange: Joe Hudd(BOK)
Yellow: Rebecca Ward(NGOC)
2011 Joe Taunton Dave Nevell(HOC) Blue: Dave Nevell(HOC)
Green: Rachel Dennis(BOK)
Orange: Samantha Harris(NGOC)
Yellow: Joe Hudd(BOK)
2010 Joe Taunton Dave Nevell(HOC) Blue: Andy Monro(HOC)
Green: Mike Farrington(HOC)
Orange: Stephen Harris(NGOC)
Yellow: Joe Hudd(BOK)
2009 Gill Stott Dave Nevell(HOC) Blue: Andy Monro(HOC)
Green: Colin Parsons(NGOC)
Orange: Sandra Bumblauskaite(NGOC)
Yellow: [No competition]
2008 Gill Stott Christine Farr(BOK) Blue: Dave Nevell(HOC)
Green: Dave Hartley(NGOC)
Orange: Sandra Bumblauskaite(NGOC)
Yellow: [No competition]
2007 Lin Callard Eddie McLarnon(NGOC) Blue: Andy Monro(EBOR)
Green: Mike Farrington(HOC)
Orange: James Wilkinson(HOC)
Yellow: [No competition]

Past Winners of the Terry Bradstock Trophy

Year Winner
2006 J Taunton
2005 J Taunton
2004 L Callard
2003 J Taunton
2002 J Taunton
2001 Not Awarded – Foot & Mouth
2000 L Swindin
1999 J Taunton
1998 D Lee
1997 D Lee
1996 D Jones
1995 P Powell
1994 I Teed
1993 P Powell
1992 D Lee
1991 D Lee
1990 I Teed
1989 J Poole
1988 D Lee
1987 D Lee
1986 D Lee
1985 C Wigmore
1984 C Wigmore
1983 C Wigmore
1982 D Lee
1981 T Rutty
1980 A Lee